Our Story

We (Tam and Matt) started TM Baby a few months after the birth of our first child, Chloé. 

After having pumped for seven weeks straight - that’s 49 days of pumping 8 times a day; 392 pumps and countless hours - Tam reached her limit. She couldn’t hold her child while attached to the “milking system” that was her first set of electric pumps. She couldn’t do it publicly and thus had to plan her life around the pumping schedule. The noise was driving her mad. She felt she had no dignity while pumping. 

After an emotional session with her psychologist, it was time to either find a new solution or give up the pumping. Giving our child breastmilk for as long as humanly possible was a huge driver for her so she hit Google. Many comparisons, reviews and critiques later she discovered the Elvie Pump. It looked like a game-changer. The problem was getting one in South Africa. Thanks to the incredible “Mom WhatsApp Network” she was able to find a second-hand one. That was the start of another 6 weeks of pumping. This time though, she was able to pump anywhere, at any time. She’s pumped in meetings, in restaurants, while driving and in front of friends and family - often without people even realising she’s pumping. The relief she’s found in being able to provide our daughter with breastmilk for so much longer has been nothing short of remarkable.

The wonderful impact the Elvie Pump has had on her feeding journey, together with the difficulty we had getting our hands on a pump, led us to start TM Baby. Our goal is to get South Africans access to the amazing products, like the Elvie Pump, that we’ve come to love and trust. 

Elvie has a remarkable set of products. If you’re looking for a pumping solution, this is where to start … and we think you’ll end here as well. We offer rentals, outright purchases and guaranteed buybacks of single and double pumps. We also have a host of accessories and spare parts to go with the pumps. You can also find us on Instagram (@tm_baby_company).