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Elvie Single Pump

Elvie Single Pump

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New SmartRhythm™ pumping for personalized suction

With a coin-sized Piezo pump at its heart, Elvie Pump is smaller, quieter, and smarter than any other breast pump.

It’s truly slimline, wearable design tucks discreetly in-bra. And once in place, control Elvie Pump from the app for a seamless experience—leaving you free to roam where other motherpumpers dare not go.

Now featuring new SmartRhythm™ pumping. Customizable for your changing feed, choose between four pumping rhythms to optimise your milk output and manage hurdles like sensitive nipples or heavier let-down.

That way, you can pump smarter (not harder).

Get a load of these features

Tube-free: All-in-one, hands-free design with no external cords or tubes.

Personalized: Choose from 2 modes and 7 intensity settings, and save your preferences. Plus, control the lights on your pump to brighten for nighttime or dim for discretion.

Reusable: Each reusable bottle holds 5 oz/150 ml of milk. Durable Tritan plastic bottles look like glass but weigh next to nothing while being fridge and freezer safe.

Accessories included: A charger for each Hub for simultaneous charging and spare bottles so that you’re never caught empty-handed.

Switch sides: Use on either breast for single or double pumping. Just assign each Hub a side to accurately track in-app. 

Bespoke Insights: Explore the Insights feature of the app to learn more about your pumping behavior. 

Comfortable fit: Includes Breast Shields in two sizes in the box for the best fit. A third size can be purchased separately.

Easy to clean: Only 5 parts to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher.

Safe and hygienic: Closed system protects you and baby. BPA free and food safe. 

Rechargeable: Charges in two hours via micro-USB, which will last for 2.5 hours or 5-6 pumping sessions (depending on your settings).


**NOTE: Elvie products are imported by TM Baby as a grey good. No guarantee or warranty will be honoured by any authorised importer of such goods. TM Baby may in certain situations offer a limited warranty.

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